Corbin Bernsen -
"Major League 1,2,3," "Hello Again," The Emmy-winning TV series L.A. Law
Leslie-Anne Down - "Meet Wally Sparks," Best Actress Golden Globe Nominee for North & South Mini-Series
Robert Carradine - "Revenge of the Nerds 1,2,3,4"

Written by Dana Lauren

Directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy

Producers: Y.P. Omtal, Ariel Wapnir


Childhood sweethearts Zack and Mindy's idyllic life in Mapleridge is about to change forever. They learn that Mindy's father Brian (Corbin Bernsen) is threatened to get his gas station torn down, forcing them to move far away. Zack's world as he knows it begins crashing down around him. Taking an idea from his older sister Lissa, who thinks that all adults, especially their divorcee mother Barbara (Leslie-Anne Down) are completely clueless when it comes to dating. Zack, Mindy, and Lissa form "Young Hearts Unlimited" in an effort to find the right mates for their parents, while also trying to save Bill's garage.

Although the new company is an instant success, the kids have only thirty days to raise enough money to save the gas station from being turned over to Mapleridge's Mayor and leading banker Mr. Johnson, who has his own little secret plan for turning the site into a toxic waste dump. If that isn't bad enough, accountant turned con artist Eddie (Robert Carradine) has come to hide out in town with Molly, the fiancée of a Vegas hood named Sardini. To add insult to injury, not only has Eddie stolen Sardini's fiancée, but he has also taken $500,000 of his money. Now he has his eye on taking over Young Hearts Unlimited!

Will Brian and Barbara find true love? Can the kids raise enough money to save Bill's gas station before Johnson turns it into a dump? Or will Eddie rob the kids blind before Sardini catches up with him? A charming comedy, Young Hearts Unlimited provides a roller coaster ride that will leave audiences smiling.