Peter Paul "The Barbarians", "Natural Born Killers"
David Paul "The Barbarians", "Natural Born Killers"
Christian Cousins "Kindergarten Cop", "Critters 3: You Are What You Eat"
Joseph Cousins "Kindergarten Cop", "Critters 3: You Are What You Eat"
Rena Sofer "General Hospital", "Traffic"
Jared Martin "One Life To Live"

Written and directed by John Paragon

Executive Producer: John Thompson

Producer: Yoram Pelman

Peter and David Falcone (Peter Paul and David Paul, are miserable working as waiters at an extremely tacky and badly run Italian restaurant which serves disgusting food to mostly insolent customer (Paul Bartel and Suzanne Kent). In fact, when dinner customers ask what Peter would recommend, he suggests that the patrons should go "to the little Chinese place down the road." Fed up with their hopeless situation, relief comes when they get fired by the odd ball ax wielding chef, (Ex-NFL player Tony Longo). Who now only chases them out of the restaurant, but chases them for blocks.

Meanwhile, across town in a sinister trucking lot, a wealthy businessman, Frank Hillhurst (Jared Martin), is being threatened by his former right hand man Stromm (George Lazenby). Although Hillhurst has turned over a new leaf, Stromm wants to continue to reap profits from past unsavory activities such as toxic waste dumping. Stromm warns Hillhurst that if he goes to the authorities, his only relatives, twin nephews Stephen and Bradley (Christina Cousins and Joseph Cousins) would be in serious jeopardy. Later at home, Hillhurst first contemplates suicide, but finally agrees to do the right thing and meet the Feds.

Peter and David have dinner with their parents, who tell their oversize sons that they should try to open their own restaurant by getting a loan from a bank. After a day in the kitchen lovingly perparing their best Gourmet Italian dishes, Peter and David don their best 'Melrose Avenue' duds, pack up the chow and head to the bank for a loan. A snooty bank manager turn the brawny chefs down flat - but not before they have force fed him with several courses of their only collateral, their food.

While pondering their current state on employment at a local playground, Peter and David give away their remaining food to the local homeless. Close to the playground Hillhurst and Federal Agent Bennett (David Wells) are discussing Hillhurst's testimony and 'protection' for his nephers. Suddenly gunfire erupts as both Hillhurst and Bennett realize someone's trying to kill them. As Peter and David scramble to save the children they manager to protect Hillhurst from certain death and land a job as the new bodyguards for the boy twins. The mini twins drive the massive twins crazy, but are ultimately bonded together in friendship through an explosive and mad cap finale.