Estella Warren, Clayne Crawford, Jeff Davis, Daniel Gillies, Ashley Scott
Written and Directed by James Merendino
Executive Producer: Sam Nazarian
Co-Executive Producers: Michael Barnes, Randy Winograd
Producers: Stavros Merjos, Sam Maydew, Adam Rosenfelt

A boy, Carl Bryce, inexplicably strangles his dog, stabs his father to death with hedge cutters and burns his mother and himself alive, as well as part of the house.

Twenty years later, Mark (Daniel Gillies), a Sociology graduate student, interviews Dr. Rosen, his professor, as research for his thesis on the mechanisms at work in the formation of myths. The latter reveals that the myth Mark is investigating, the Bryce double murder and suicide, has an antecedent. A famous actress used that same house as a getaway in the 20’s and ended up killing her lover and committing suicide there as well.

More recently, Mark is planning to visit the house.

The next day, Mark and four friends, Tyler (Clayne Crawford), the photographer, Eric (Jeff Davis), the musician who likes to lug his audio gear, Sharon (Ashley Scott), Mark’s girlfriend Kristy (Estella Warren), a work-out junky, head for the house in the woods.

After a very short time at the house, they soon discover Eric’s bludgeoned, crucified body as well as the weapon that presumably did it, a pair of hedge cutters. Tyler freaks out and accuses Mark of committing bloody murder but he himself becomes the next victim as he backs into a bear trap. Finally reaching a state of panic, Mark manages to escape.

At that moment, Kristy and Sharon show up, just in time to see Mark get stabbed from behind a shadowy figure wielding a pair of hedge cutters. Kristy deduces that their present attacker is 20 years older Carl, burnt to a crisp but still active. They manage to escape and run on foot, shadowy figure in hot pursuit. Eventually, he catches up to them and quickly kills Sharon, the mopier of the two. Kristy proves formidably resilient and fights tooth and nail for her life.

Kristy manages to escape and even grabs the hedge cutters from him. She runs across the street just in time for a huge truck to plow into him, just behind her. Relieved beyond belief, she loses consciousness.

As soon as she barely wakes up, safely tucked in a hospital bed reassuringly located in the heart of the city, a couple of detectives question her, insisting that the sooner she talks, the more accurate the testimony is likely to be. After exchanging a few words, she falls back into a restorative deep sleep. The detective reveals he is surely puzzled by this case as he confirms the general death toll but also that no one was hit by the truck, and after all, it was Kristy who was holding the hedge cutters…