John Ritter - "Panic," "Sling Blade," Emmy winner for best TV actor on Three's Company, Emmy-nominee for best supporting actor on Ally McBeal

Written by Clint Hutchison

Directed by Lance W. Dreesen and Clint Hutchison

Executive Producers: Steven G. Kaplan, Richard Mix

Producers: Gregg L. Daniel, Lance W. Dreesen


For the life of him real estate agent Bob Carter (John Ritter) can't figure out why three of his listings are such a hard sell. Sure, the homes have blood-soaked histories. True, the owners are all dead or insane. But these are top-notch houses! In turn-key condition! Ready to move in!

However, today Bob has a sure thing - a newlywed couple (David DeLuise and Allison Smith) in search of the tract home of their dreams. Bob cheerfully shows the properties-the young couple delighted by what they see until Bob tells them the fates of the previous owners. They listen, aghast, as Bob relates the horrific histories plunging through the neighborhood's sunny façade and into the unspeakable secrets of the TERROR TRACT!

The Freemont Estate
Sarah Freemont knows her sadistic husband is dead - killed in a desperate act of self-defense by her lover - the body disposed of in a nearby lake. But the police are asking questions. And now Sarah is plagued by nightmares…and a horrifying conviction that her husband is still alive - his corpse rising from the murky depths to torment her.

The Gatley Home
Blinded by his love for his young daughter, family man Ron Gatley (Bryan Cranston) is slow to notice the disturbing signs that his daughter's pet monkey is evil. However, as the fabric of his life violently unravels, Ron realizes it is up to him to rid his home of the demonic primate. But to his daughter, who sees only her pet's charming side, it is Daddy who has become the monster!

The Goodwin Residence
Teenager Sean Goodwin's (Will Estes) life careens out of control when he begins experiencing horrifying visions - his mind somehow linked to a homicidal maniac wearing the wrinkled mask of an insane old woman. Unable to find solace or understanding from the police or his family, Sean is on the run - at the brink of madness with the knowledge that the killer is still out there and his girlfriend is the next victim!

The young couple is dumbstruck as realtor Bob finishes each of the ghoulish tales. Appalled and upset, they demand to be taken back to their car, but Bob won't let them off the hook that easy. He is just dying to close a deal. In fact, he'd kill for it!