Alan Thicke - "Growing Pains", "Raising Helen"
Michael Yarmush - "My Life as a Dog", "Nico the Unicorn"
James Hayes Liboiron - "A Walk in the Moon"
Chantal LeBlanc-Everett - "Life with Mikey"
Danette Mackay - "The Terminal"
Gordon Masten - "The Santa Clause", "Wicker Park"
Robert Higden - "The Human Stain"

Written by Mark Cole

Directed by: Mark Soulard

Producer: Francois St-Laurent

Eleven year old Justin Andrich (Michael Yarmush) has more than his share of problems. He's being bullied at school. His parents (Alan Thicke and Danette MacKay) are embroiled in a bitter divorce and his turbulent relationship with his older brother Jake (James Hayes Liboiron) and kid sister Carly (Chantal Leblanc-Everett), fuels the meltdown of the family. As Justin's parents try to sort out their lives, the three kids are sent to their Grandpa's ranch. Flying over the remote back county, their single engine plane loses power and crashes. Justin and his siblings must now put aside their differences in order to survive in the breath-taking wilderness that engulfs them. The trio struggle to overcome the perilous terrain and eventually cross paths with two dangerous criminals, who are bent on stealing a king's ransom for gold. Justin must face his worst nightmare in order to save his brother and sister from the claws of nature's best predator.