Xia Yu -
Xia Yu Named Best Actor at the 1994 Venice Film Festival for his performance in "In the Heat of the Sun"
Jared Harris - Igby Goes Down, The Weekend, I Shot Andy Warhol, Named Best Actor at the Catalonian International Film Festival in Spain for his performance in "Trance"

Written by Yixiong Chen, Dan Huang, Ann Hu, Huaizhuo Liu, Bob McAndrew, Kate Raisz, Louyi Tang, Shigiang Zuo

Directed and Produced by Ann Hu

Executive Producers: Steve Chang Shun-Ching Chiu, Ulrich Felsberg, Eitan Hakami, Sanping Han, Katia Milani, Charles Xue

An extraordinary Chinese production set in Beijing, 1902. An enterprising young portrait photographer named Liu Jinglun, keen on new technology, befriends a newly arrived Englishman who's brought projector, camera, and Lumière-brothers' shorts to open the Shadow Magic Theater. Liu's work with Wallace brings him into conflict with tradition and his father's authority, complicated by his falling in love with Ling, daughter of Lord Tan, star of Beijing's traditional opera. Liu sees movies as his chance to become wealthy and worthy of Ling. When the Shadow Magic pair is invited to show the films to the Empress Dowager, things look good. But, is disaster in the script? And, can movies preserve tradition even as they bring change? Set against the backdrop of animosity that China held against foreigners, SHADOW MAGIC celebrates the cinema's miraculous ability to transcend cultural boundaries and unite people all over the world.