Guy Pearce "Memento", "L.A. Confidential"
Helena Bonham Carter "Fight Club", "A Room With A View"

Written and Directed by Michael Petroni

Executive Producers: Beau Flynn, Yoram Pelman, Stefan Simchowitz
Co-Executive Producers: Andrew Deane, Gareth Wiley

Producers: Thomas Ausberger, Mattias Emcke, Shana Levine, Dean Murphy, Nigel Odell, David Redman

A gripping love story that jumps between two time periods, "Til Human Voices Wake Us" is about Sam Franks (Guy Pearce), a professor of psychology at a Melbourne University, who escorts his father's body back to Genoa, a hometown full of silent ghosts and distant memories. Caught in a massive downpour, he rescues a beautiful, mysterious woman, Ruby (Helena Bonham Carter). Jumping back twenty years, Sam, now 15, returns home from boarding school for the summer holidays. During that summer he falls in love with Silvy, a beautiful girl, paralyzed from the waist down, with the same heartfelt curiosity and keen intelligence as he has.

Sam and Silvy take off together from a local dance for a night swim in the river when tragedy strikes - an event that will change both of their lives forever. While floating on the river, Sam is distracted by a shooting star and loses his grip on Silvy. Tragedy Strikes. She drowns. Sam's life is scarred forever.

Now, back in the present, Ruby has defficulty remembering who she is and why she is in Genoa. As she and Sam draw closer to each other, fragments of memory return and slowly the past manifests itself into the present. Is Ruby Silvy the drowned lost love of Sam's youth? And can she help him find the strength to finally be human again?