Ben Affleck - "Daredevil", "Good Will Hunting"
Sam Rockwell - "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind", "The Green Mile"
Megan Ward - "Joe's Apartment", "Encino Man", "PCU"
French Stewart - "3rd Rock From The Sun", "Stargate"
Alyssa Milano - "Charmed", "Who's The Boss"
John Rhys-Davies - "Lord of the Rings"
Spalding Gray - "The Filling Fields", "Swimming to Cambodia"
Vien Hong - "We Were Soldiers"
Vinnie DeRamus - "Airheads"

Written and Directed by Rich Wilkes

Executive Producers: Michael S. Bloom, William P. O'Reilly

Producers: Aaron M. Weinberg, William R. Woodward, Chris Moore

It's two days before graduation, and Jack (Ben Affleck) is having serious doubts about the future. The old gang is breaking up - Rob (Sam Rockwell) is moving to L.A. with his girlfriend. Dennis (French Stewart) is finishing his third degree and going to grad school in Michigan. Slosh (Vien Hong) has dropped out of school and stays drunk all the time. And Mickey (Vinnie DeRamus) who still has a year of school to go seems tired of the scene and wished he had the guts to tell his friend Chelsea (Alyssa Milano) how much he loves her. Or at least how much he wants to sleep with her. As Jack looks out on his four years in Santa Cruz, he realizes it's been the best time of his life, and he wonders where it might be a mistake to let it all go. Graduation doesn't have to be the end. And as his friends get glimpses of life after college, Jack decides he's not going to leave. He's going to live his Glory Daze just a bit longer.