Turn and Earn

Tom Underhill wants nothing more than the American Dream. He's well on his way with a wife, a new son, and a job as a junior assistant sales associate trainee at Noko Copiers. Then corporate takeovers leave him at the mercy of friends and the fast-food industry for job prospects. Still, Tom takes comfort in the fact that he's upwardly mobile, and is not going to get stuck working on a maple farm like his father. But he quickly learns that there are much stickier situations. While working at his friend Randy's small Tonsan car dealership, Tom catches the eye of zone manager Billy Palace, who is looking for a suitably naïve person to train as district manager. The new job is baffling to Tom: car dealers keep giving him money to make sure that they get a larger share of cars distributed to them. But if Palace says it's not a bribe, then it isn't...right?

As Tom's father tells him, "To be clever enough to earn a lot of money, one must be stupid enough to want it." But Tom does want a lot of money, and in order to keep it coming, he ignores his father, his conscience and the plight of his friend Randy, who is stuck spinning his wheels because he refuses to buy into the company's bribery system. The disgruntled Randy finally takes his complaints to the district attorney.

But Tom sees nothing but blue sky for himself: promotions, rocketing sales, and an endless stream of gifts and cash. Suddenly, a recall of cars and a massive IRS audit bring the sky crashing down. Facing trial for corruption, Tom must decide whether the money is worth what it might cost.

A farcical comedy with Ron Underwood (City Slickers) attached to direct.

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