New World Order

A mysterious organization called the Nephilim secretly plants cybernetic feeds in key scientists and government officials worldwide. They watch from within, through their eyes and ears: learning secrets, plotting, profiting, taking control....

FBI agent Mike Morgan begins noticing some strange financial patterns. A company called Wytek consistently makes brilliant investments-never a single loss. Mike realizes that Wytek somehow learns about breakthrough technology and government contracts before the knowledge becomes public...and then invests in the involved companies, reaping millions of dollars.

Mike presents his findings to the section chiefs and asks to run the operation: to lead his young team in and simultaneously arrest four suspected conspirators. His team worked hard compiling the evidence, so they deserve the chance to see their first mission through. But the section chiefs don't think Mike's ready for that much responsibility. Still, they reluctantly agree to take his team along. After all, it's just white-collar crime...nothing they can't handle.

But the conspiracy runs much deeper than they realized.

Ambush and a rain of bullets await them. Mike's teammates die in front of him. Their suspects mysteriously fall dead. Mike survives by chance...and the conspirators don't feel inclined to give him another one.

Scared, alone, and on the run, Mike fights to survive. But more terrifying than the threat of death are the unanswered questions: "How did they know we were coming?" and "Where will they strike next?"

Both questions lead back to the FBI, where an unwitting accomplice with a cybernetic feed awaits....

Mike threads a path between untrustworthy allies and treacherous enemies. One false step will land him in a white-hot inferno. But stumbling onto the truth might prove even more dangerous.

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