Karma Kamikaze

Written by Sarah Kernochan

Like John Lennon’s infamous “Lost Weekend,” “Karma Karmikaze” is an intense and at times disturbing story of two rock stars confronting their inner most demons. Famous rock n’ roll duo Harper and Basil are in desperate need of a hit song. A decade since their last hit, millions of dollars in advance money down the drain and every known drug poured into their bodies, these rock icons are caught in a major downward spiral.

Their backs are against the wall. They have one weekend to write new songs, and must be in the recording studio first thing Monday morning or face legal action from their record label.

Their manager sends the rock stars out to Palm Springs to sober up and rediscover their creative spark. He sends his trusted personal assistant, Keiko, to look after them and help them through an intense period of enormous creativity and violent self-destruction. Along the way, they pick up a mysterious, beautiful groupie, E.T. who happens to know everything about them and believes she holds the key to their musical inspiration.

This is the story of that weekend experience. A weekend that transformed the lives of the characters involved. A weekend of extreme passion, drama, and love that you will not want to miss.

“Karma Kamikaze,” was written and to be directed by Sarah Kernochan (What Lies Beneath, Sommersby, 9 ½ Weeks).


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